Flat Lapping services Illinois

Flat Lapping  for exact surfaces and accuracy

Flat Lapping is a precision process or combination of processes used to provide flatness, parallelism, size and surface finishes to extremely demanding tolerances. The process is a manufacturing method that employs particles of an abrasive material to remove stock from a surface. Micro Lapping and Grinding provides superior grinding services for Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and all over the Midwest.

The machining process of lapping is used primarily to produce metal parts or glass lenses with the goal of refining them to exacting specifications. Flat lapping uses a combination of lapping processes to focus on an end product that has superior flatness, symmetry, size, and surface finish. Comparable to sanding or grinding, lapping utilizes abrasives that are suspended within a liquid carrier and free to move about during the lapping process, which is where lapping receives the sometimes referred to title of “Free Abrasive Machining”. There are a variety of methods that can be utilized, but all lapping involves a harder, more brittle surface grinding against a softer surface with such abrasives in-between the two. In contrast to the flat lapping process, sanding and grinding use abrasives that are bonded to the grinding board, and incapable of moving around, which yields a different kind of smoothing.

Flat lapping is used to achieve extremely exact surface flatness or accuracy. Obtained without the use of special equipment, surface flatness/accuracy ranges from 1-3 HLB (Helium Light Bands), whereas flat lapping can allow for tolerances of as little as 30 nanometers. Used primarily for smoothing surfaces, flat lapping can also be used to obtain a desired surface roughness to exact specification much wider than the range of 1-30 R (average roughness) that can be obtained through regular means. Looking for a quality Grinding and Lapping resource, Contact us at 847-455-5446 for a Free Quote.