Centerless Grinding Services Illinois

Centerless Grinding Services Chicago Ilinois

Centerless Grinding is a method of material removal through grinding, where the workpiece is set up between the regulating wheel (or backup wheel) and the grinding wheel, and is supported by the work blade (or work rest). Both wheels are rotated in the same direction.

When the challenge is to machine large quantities of long and/or thin, round components comprised of pliable or brittle materials, then there is virtually no alternative to centerless grinding services. The only technique to offer grinding wheel sets, while allowing multiple tasks such as roughing & finishing to be performed in a single operation. The machining process of centerless grinding in Chicago is closely related to other cylindrical grinder techniques, like outside diameter grinding. Despite center not being present, the entire process still involves regular plunge grinding and through feeding techniques.

Without centers, you are probably wondering, how the workpiece is held safely and reliably within the machine? The answer is fairly simple, as the workpiece is set between the grinding wheel and the smaller regulating wheel (back-up wheel) on a work blade, where it is initially held by the normal bearing pressure. During the course of the grinding process the workpiece is engaged by the co-rotating grinding wheel, which drives the workpiece and causes it to rotate. The grinding pressure forces the workpiece against the work blade and against the regulating wheel (back-up wheel) which is positioned opposite. And as the work blade is angled, the workpiece is forced against it with greater force resulting in a symmetrically round and polished piece.

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