Lapping & Grinding Illinois

Lapping & Grinding Illinois

Lapping & Grinding Illinois – Micro Lapping and Grinding Company Inc. has a new modern scientific production facility and the technical capability to serve your needs. We are uniquely qualified to handle high volume production, pre-production – large or short runs. If you are looking for quality Blanchard Grinding, Centerless Grinding, DedTru Grinding, Outside Diameter Grinding, Inside Diameter Grinding, Surface Grinding or Bar Grinding, we offer Free Estimates. Send us a part or sample and we will provide you a Free estimate quickly. There is no obligation.

If you need precision grinding services in Chicago Illinois, then you need to talk to us. Micro Lapping & Grinding Co. knows grinding. We’ve been in business for over 40 years providing custom precise grinding services throughout Chicago and Illinois.

We offer many different types of grinding services, from I.D. grinding, to double disk and blanchard grinding, to surface griding, honing and bar grinding.

Our facility is over 20,000 sq. ft. in size and houses the highest quality gridinging machinery available on the marketin today. This allows us to provide our clients the precision contract grinding services, the not only request, but require. All of our work is carried out in a professional environment. While we provide a quick turnaround time, we also ensure exceptional accuracy.

Simply contact us to learn how we can fullfil your grinding needs today.

Flat Lapping

Flat Lapping services Illinois

Flat Lapping  for exact surfaces and accuracy Flat Lapping is a precision process or combination of processes used to provide flatness, parallelism, size and surface finishes to extremely demanding tolerances. The process is a manufacturing method that employs particles of an abrasive material to...

Diamond Polishing

Diamond Polishing services in Illinois

Diamond Polishing Diamond Polishing is a precision process for polishing ferrous and nonferrous materials. Different pads are used based on polishing requirements. Copper plate and aluminum plate are used along with different grade diamond slurries and aluminum slurries to accommodate the...

Double Disc Grinding

Double Disc Grinding services Illinois

Double Disc Grinding Services in Chicago Double Disc Grinding services offer a highly productive and accurate means for machining to-size parts with flat and parallel sides. In this grinding method, two opposed abrasive discs, each mounted on its own spindle, simultaneously grind opposite and...

Blanchard Grinding

Blanchard Grinding services Illinois

Blanchard Grinding Services Blanchard Grinding quickly removes large amounts of stock quickly and efficiently. In our Chicago location, we have various Blanchard grinder machines that can grind a number of different sizes and shapes of parts. Blanchard grinder machines have the ability to produce...

Surface Grinding

Surface Grinding services Illinois

Surface Grinding Services Chicago Illinois Surface Grinding is used to produce a smooth finish on flat surfaces. It is a finishing process that uses a rotating abrasive wheel to smooth the flat surface of metallic or nonmetallic materials to give them a more refined look or to attain a desired...

Centerless Grinding

Centerless Grinding Services Illinois

Centerless Grinding Services Chicago Ilinois Centerless Grinding is a method of material removal through grinding, where the workpiece is set up between the regulating wheel (or backup wheel) and the grinding wheel, and is supported by the work blade (or work rest). Both wheels are rotated in the...

DedTru Grinding

DedTru Grinding services in Illinois

DedTru grinding DedTru grinding machines provide very precise and close tolerance grinding with better concentric roundness finish and profile grinding and is is used for thru feed, infeed, ID/OD plunge grinding of parts which need to be concentric from one diameter to another. DedTru...

Outside Diameter (OD) Grinding

Outside Diameter (OD) Grinding Illinois

Outside Diameter (OD) Grinding Outside Diameter (OD) Grinding is the opposite of ID Grinding. Material is generally "held" between centers and is rotated as the grinding wheel travels up and down the part. Outside Diameter grinding allows for any cylindrical work piece to be ground to a precise...

Inside diameter grinding

Inside Diameter (ID) Grinding

Inside Diameter (ID) Grinding (or Internal Grinding) is generally done to create a precision surface finish with great accuracy on the inside diameters. With this method the work piece is mounted in a chuck to allow rotation during the grinding operation. Inside diameter (ID) grinding delivers...


Honing services in Chicago is an abrasive machining process that produces a precision surface. If you are looking for Honing Services or Honing Illinois, Micro lapping and Grinding is your choice for improving the geometric form of the surface and may also improve surface texture. The honing...